Are You Getting Your Share of $30 Billion?

A recent info graphic released by Social Media Today lays out some astonishing facts about the impact of social media on the online economy. That $30 billion is a worldwide sales number projected for 2015 but let’s take a look at today in a measurement that is slightly easier to comprehend.

Are you ready?

Every 60 minutes social media users spend $272,000 online.  That’s $6.5 million a day or $45.7 million per week. Sales on social media are huge and they are not going anywhere but up.

Here are a few more factoids to give you a better understanding of how social media has permeated the consumer’s life:

  • Every 60 SECONDS 2 million queries are made on Google.
  • Every 60 seconds 684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook.
  • Every minute 100,000 Tweets are sent.
  • On average, 3 billion hours of video is watched on YouTube each month.


Those are mind boggling numbers but even more impressive is the behavior and beliefs of social media users when it comes to buying. Nine out of ten social media users say they trust content they find online more than they trust a live sales person…that’s almost scary.

The takeaway is that you need social media in your marketing mix to compete effectively. If you are new to social media, we have a package that will get you in the market and requires minimal involvement on your part. We do all of the heavy lifting.

Our Facebook service includes creating your Facebook page with professional grade graphics, providing a steady stream of content for sharing and responding to comments. You will build brand reputation, expand your network and drive traffic to your website.

And we are confident that you can become one of those “70% of marketers who reported a 5x return on investment from marketing on social networks.”

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