Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing refers to branding your company and products or services on the most popular websites on the web. Having an active presence on these sites allows you to reach your audience while they are especially receptive to content and where they spend most of their time while on a computer.

Social Media Marketing is a relatively new strategy that is becoming increasing more popular. In fact, over 80% of organizations will have accounts or profiles on the top five social networking sites within the next 18 months.

The intention of social media is to build lasting relationships with your prospects. It is important for your presence on the social networks to be an ongoing part of your marketing plan.

Social media has an enormous impact on the way people and businesses communicate.

We create social media campaigns for our clients that enhance your overall marketing program and goals. Our goal is to build your brand in terms of your company, your products, and your services.

We create pages for our clients on social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We also create YouTube channels for them.

The branded pages we create will give you a strong presence in social media and an ongoing advantage over your competition.

Customized Social Media Programs

Social media platforms invite a personal approach to communication. So our customized approach to all of the work we do for our clients is especially relevant.

We offer a variety of social media programs.

After we research and learn your business, plans, and goals we will develop a plan that is right for your company.

Our social media plans can include:

Analysis of your competition
Research in social media
Determination of most relevant channels
Development of a plan
Implementation of the plan
Creating new pages and optimizing existing pages

We monitor the content and consistently refresh it.

Put the power of social media to work for your brand.

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Make the popularity of social media work for your business

Facebook has over 800 million active users, engaging with one another over 700 billion minutes per month.

YouTube has 490 million unique users worldwide per month, who account for an estimated 92 billion page views each month.

Twitter has over 225 million active users. 25 billion tweets were sent in 2010. an average of 460,000 new accounts are set up each day.

Expert Social Media Marketing

We know how to design and develop a social media marketing program for your company, link your social media pages directly to your website, and create social media events that drive traffic to your website.

Developing and implementing social media marketing takes resources, creativity and time. But when done correctly, social media marketing can drive trusting new customers to your business in enormous numbers.

In fact, you will be amazed at what you can achieve by connecting with and marketing to customers through social media.

Give your company an expert presence on social media.

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