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Responsive Websites deliver an optimal user experience to smart devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops.

If there is any doubt in your mind that people shopping and buying online is moving from PCs and laptops to smart phones and tablets check out these mind boggling statistics published in a report from IBM:

• In 2013 mobile devices will out ship PCs by a 2 to 1 margin.

• Spending on mobile data network will exceed spending on fixed data network for the first time ever.
• An astounding 85 billion applications will be downloaded to mobile devices.

So what do these stats mean? It means people are buying devices to access mobile networks and they are spending more time on those devices than their PCs or laptops.

You could be on page 1 for highly competitive keyword phrases, but if your website is not optimized for wireless, it will take forever to load.

You do not have forever. These people are “on the go” and go is exactly what they will do…to your competitor’s link.

We have the experience you are looking for

We serve small to medium size businesses in a variety of categories. Our highly experienced team includes graphic designers, website developers, content management professionals, and e-commerce experts. Regardless of the business you are in, our experienced team can develop the website you need.

The importance of your website

Your website represents your company. It is your storefront and it is open 24/7, 365 days a year. It should present your brand image and communicate your benefits optimally, so you can gain as much new business as possible. It should ask for the specific actions you want your visitors to take, for example, to buy your product or service or to contact you.

It should also load fast, look professional, and perform reliably.

Our designers and website developers have the talent and experience to create a website for you that achieves your marketing goals.

How does your website measure up?

Does it make an impression that distinguishes your company? Does it present an image of leadership in your category and sell effectively? We design websites that present a world-class image and convert visitors into paying customers. It will inspire trust in your company and a disposition to do business with you.

Does it have a sign-up form on your homepage?

Stay connected with your customers and potential customers by installing a sign-up form on your homepage to capture visitor names and emails and assist in email marketing, as well as the distribution of blogs, articles and monthly newsletters.

Is it coded to load quickly?

We do not just design sites that look great. We know how to code your site so it loads quickly. As a result, your visitors will stay longer and view more pages. They will be more likely to become customers.

Is it easy to navigate?

Your visitors should be able to get around your site easily, so they can find what they are looking for and move though the sales process more quickly.

Is your site search engine friendly?

We know how to optimize it so it shows up high in search engine results and attracts more free traffic.

How our website design process works

We start by learning about your company, including its history, achievements, goals, target market, competitors, and your personal design preferences.

By learning about your company, we can design a website that expresses your company’s character and produces results.

We share the initial design with you. Then, based on your feedback, we make any necessary revisions.

Upon your approval of the design, we begin building your new website, including coding, content, and functionality.

When we finish the development, we run tests to make sure your new website displays and works properly in all major browsers.

After final testing, we submit the site to you for your final approval.

We launch your new website.

We can usually have it live in less than an hour!

Website conversion optimization

Conversion Optimization is different than Search Engine Optimization. Conversion Optimization refers to how well your website is designed to convert visitors into customers. Search Engine Optimization is about how well your website shows up in search engines.

Before money is spent driving traffic to your website, we optimize it to convert visitors into customers. We want to make sure the visitors to your site understand your sales message and are so impressed that they are convinced to convert.

Our Conversion Optimization process includes establishing marketing goals with you for the website as a whole, and for every landing page. We create all of our design and development work to optimize conversion rates, based on current knowledge. If you have data, we will perform an analytics review. We also perform usability testing to make sure the site functions optimally to achieve conversions.

Conversion Optimization is an ongoing process. Once the site is launched, we often create different versions of your sales message to compare which one converts better. This process is known as A/B Split Testing. We may also perform Multivariate Testing, which includes more than two variables. As we learn, we continue to optimize the site as a whole, and all the landing pages. The goal is to increase conversion rates, so the cost of acquisition for each customer goes down, and your ROI goes up.

Best Practices

We adhere to all SEO best practices in developing websites so they are search-engine friendly and convert at high levels.

We work in all the major website development languages

These include:


We are your optimal choice for website optimization

Website Optimization consists of creating your website so it will rank high in the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Since the higher your site rank, the more business it does, optimizing your site is a must.

When Google evaluates your site, they consider the content (text), download time, image tags, and design of your site. A Java fancy page with moving graphics, no text and a long download time may look great when it is finally up, but it is a disaster in terms of search engine optimization.

Proper website optimization is mandatory if you want the major search engines to consider displaying your website high in “organic” (free, not pay-per-click) search engine results.

The major search engines, primarily Google, will only display websites that they consider relevant to searchers.

We know how to optimize your website so it ranks high in organic search engine results.

Our process includes creating the correct text, keywords, META tags, title, image alt text, and overall design. Each of these elements plays an important role in how your website will rank.

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