About VIP

We make it our business to know your business and help it grow.

It’s as simple as that.

We are a dynamic marketing service group with over 25 years’ experience bringing new business opportunities and increased sales to our clients. We know how to market. We know how best to leverage both digital and traditional marketing media strategies to generate client growth, brand recognition, reputation and position in the market place.

We know marketing…but we need to know your business inside and out, to apply winning strategies that will benefit you in your particular market. That’s our business and that’s our difference. One size does not fit all. Each of our clients has a custom designed marketing plan that addresses their specific strengths and challenges.

Why don’t we just offer “boxed” packages for our clients to choose from?

Because our business model calls for long term relationships and there can’t be long term relationships without thoroughly understanding how a client’s company operates and what their priorities are. That’s why we don’t offer “off the rack” packages.

We’ll impress you with our marketing savvy, and you’ll love the strategy that we recommend, but what we really want from you is your trust. Ultimately we want to be your long term marketing partner and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate that we’re worthy of that goal.

Here’s the way we work.

Mission: We exist to bring real, measurable marketing value to each of our clients and to do it in such a way that the message retains and communicates their core values. We will accomplish this objective by fostering relationships based on trust, honesty, integrity and a sincere and enthusiastic desire to fully understand our clients’ businesses. We will leverage that understanding by creating marketing strategies that will enhance their position in the marketplace and distinguish VIP Marketing Pros as the partner for marketing services.

What we believe in: We sincerely believe that what’s in the client’s best interest is in our best interest as well. We believe that our growth and prosperity is integrally tied to the growth and prosperity of our clients. We are convinced that we can significantly contribute to a client’s growth by doing the heavy lifting and applying our significant marketing skill freeing clients to focus on what they do best.

Our ideal partners: We don’t work for everyone; our business model won’t allow it. Our ideal partner is a SME who understands that marketing is a dynamic process, but is simply overwhelmed by everyday events that preclude them from exploring fresh new strategies to define themselves online and offline. The organization may or may not have a marketing department but it will most certainly lack time to invest in staying on top of cutting edge marketing trends and techniques. Lastly we prefer clients who understand our need to get into their heads in order to deliver the most effective of marketing strategies.

In the digital world marketing opportunities are moving targets. Changes in algorithms, social networking platforms, mobile technology, advertising rules, analytic tools and even legislation are always in a state of flux. While your message may remain the same, how it gets delivered and how it is perceived will change.

The company that can consistently succeed online is one that is agile and quickly adapts to new opportunities. If online marketing is not one of your core strengths, your marketing plan is likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Unless of course you are working with us.

We are proactive, not reactive. Our staff analyzes every change in online marketing nuance to determine how best to use it to give our clients a competitive edge. We do the heavy lifting. While you reap the benefits of digital marketing you won’t need to expend time and resources trying to keep up with it. That’s our job.

We have owned and managed businesses, substantial businesses, in the brick and mortar world. We are familiar with the everyday challenges of customer service, payroll, employee relations, production and, of course, sales. It’s because we have this experience that we designed our firm’s model to focus on becoming fully integrated with our clients. We are in a unique position to understand how marketing helps a business, and hinders one if production isn’t able to scale.

So that’s our story. We want an opportunity to provide VIP marketing service to your business. That’s what we offer. World class marketing coupled with a full appreciation of your business objectives.

You’ll have to admit it’s a unique approach and we assure you that we are a unique organization. Why not invest in a look and contact us today. We look forward to learning about your business.





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