Audience Retargeting

How to market to people who visit your website but do not convert

They have shown an interest in your product or service, so they are valuable prospects.

With audience retargeting, we can market to them later.

How? If they have signed into any opt-in offer, we have captured their email addresses. So we can send them follow-up emails.

There is also something else we can do. We can insert a line of code on your site that will place a cookie on the computers of your visitors.

It is anonymous and harmless, but it does identify them. So we can present specific banner ads and other forms of advertising to them when they visit other sites. The ads provide various reasons for them to return to your website. If they didn’t convert and become a valued customer on the first visit to your site, the second time, they may convert.

Whether or not they do, we are building brand awareness for your business, among people who have demonstrated an interest in what you offer.

Reasons to do retargeting

Converts additional visitors
Makes your website work harder
Enhances your other marketing programs
Improves ROI
Consistent ad delivery across many websites

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Affiliate Marketing

Pay only for leads and sales that make money for your company.

Affiliate marketing increases the reach of your other internet marketing efforts. And you only pay for sales.

This is how it works.

We create an affiliate program for your company

We create a way for other websites to promote your products or services with banner ads and text links.

When visitors to the other websites click on an affiliate ad, they are taken to your site. The link that brought them there has a code in it that identifies the sites that sent them. When they buy something from you, you pay the site that sent the visitor a commission.

We can create the ads and decide on a commission structure that affiliates will find attractive. It costs you nothing for them to join the affiliate program. They only make money when you make money.

We can manage the program and optimize it. We will be able to identify affiliates who perform and the ones who do not, so we will be able to incentivize the ones who do.

We will also ensure that the practices of the affiliates enhance your brand image.

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